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    Our Sevices for Visitors

    In general, citizens from Brunei / Malaysia do not need to apply for an entry Visa to Germany and most parts of the world. If there is a need to apply for an entry Visa beforehand, please contact us for clarification or the Embassy of the country that you wish to enter directly. The responsible person will be able to advise what documents you will require.


    We aim to make your visit to Germany and other international destinations as hassle free as possible.


    Official travel agent

    We have an official travel agent that we have co-operated for many years and they are experience in trade fair travel. Please contact Corporate Information Travel (CIT) at 03 2091 9933 for more details. They have travel packages to suit your needs.


    Trade Fairs in Germany

    Most trade fairs / exhibitions in Germany require you to purchase an entrance ticket. Please purchase these in advance so that you would be able to save some money. Entrance passes purchased in Frankfurt are more expensive.


    Please visit Messe Frankfurt's website at http://tickets.messefrankfurt.com/ to purchase your tickets online. Credit card payment is accepted.


    Most of the time, these entrance passes will allow you to travel free on the local public transportation system. The ticket will indicate if travel is included or not.


    Important! At all times, please carry a valid train ticket or a fine (non-negotiable) will be imposed.


    Trade Fairs outside of Germany

    In general, entry to the trade fair / exhibition is free of charge. Unless otherwise stated. 


    Catalogues / online-catalogues / Exhibitor Directory

    As a buyer, it would be wise to  purchase the exhibitor directory and research what you plan to see / negotiate / purchase. What you should do is plan your visit to any exhibition wisely so that you can save time.


    At the largest trade fair / exhibition, the organisers manage to measure the length of all the aisles and it came up to 37km or a small marathon. So, planning is crucial!


    Most importantly, when 'walking' the halls, a good and comfortable shoe is a definite.


    Travelling Tips

    As usual, please be cautious whenever you travel and do not trust anyone that is too friendly or suspicious.


    And travel as comfortably as possible. 



    We wish you a safe and successful trip!


    Should you require more information, please contact us immediately.